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In-Network With Several Insurance Payers

In-Network With Several Insurance Payers

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At Jade Recovery, our mission is to provide comprehensive and integrated care to those in the community struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We are dedicated to helping you live the life you’ve always wanted.

That same dedication is reflected in our broader campaign to redefine and improve addiction and mental health treatment for everyone through evidenced-based, comprehensive and outcome driven interventions.


Treatment is a lifetime effort,

not a 60-day program

Our interdisciplinary model of care focuses on prevention initiatives, state-of-the-art treatment and ongoing alumni services. This ensures individual and community support and engagement across all steps of the recovery process.

Getting started

Not all treatment is the same. If you’d like more information about treatment options, our treatment program or need help, please call us and one of our counselors will assist you.

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Focusing on you

Jade Recovery’s interdisciplinary team of specialists focus 100% on you. They use comprehensive assessment measures to identify and customize treatment based on your specific needs.

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Moving forward

Our approach to treatment is focused on progressing through treatment phases, each of which is designed to help prepare you for successful living after treatment. We further assist our clients with gaining employment through our vocational programs and in transitioning to evening treatment programming to accommodate their new obligations. As they transition out of treatment, we provide a continuous after-care program of support and community fun.

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Staying in touch

Alumni and after-care programming helps our patients maintain their sobriety and become a part of the Jade Recovery family. Our continued post-treatment support includes alumni groups, monthly newsletters, podcasts and alumni events to help you build a sober community of friends.

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Summary of Our Treatment Programs


Addiction Treatment

Our experienced clinical team can provide you or your loved one the help they need to get better. We offer the support staff and safe environment required to develop an individualized treatment and recovery plan exclusively for you. treatment Interventions at Jade Recovery are medically-based and conducted by an interdisciplinary staff to insure care is comprehensive and integrated. LEARN MORE


Mental Health Treatment

JADE treats adults and teens for an array of mental health disorders. We provide psychotherapy treatment, neuroclinical assessments, psychiatric services, clinical oncology services, and psychiatric forensic services for an array of diagnoses including depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, and addiction. Our program uses evidence-based treatment interventions in the comfort of our modernized and luxury facilities. LEARN MORE


Adolescent Treatment

JADE treats adolescents ages 13-19 for an array of diagnoses including depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, and addiction. We also offer pediatric neuropsychological evaluations for individuals at risk of neurodevelopmental disorders impacting areas of academic, work, and social success. Our comprehensive services help young people and their loved ones cope with psychiatric symptoms and substance abuse issues sometimes found in adolescent development. LEARN MORE

Get In Touch Today

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please call or text 1-833-JADENOW

Our counselors are here to help.

Insurance Accepted

We accept private insurance. Call us today to learn more about your insurance benefits and often insurance can cover almost all of the costs of treatment.

Let’s Work Together for Change

It will take action from multiple treatment facilities to generate the momentum for positive change in the treatment community. We look forward to working together.

If you’re part of the addiction community, please check our News & Events page for the industry conferences we will be attending for opportunities to connect.


Together we can improve treatment for patients across all facilities. Inquire today to become part of our efforts to improve treatment quality nationally.


Our mission is help patients and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction treatment. Contact us to learn how you can help. 


We are working to improve the clinical treatment standards across the industry to help patients get the care they need

JADE Advisory Committee

Katrina Campins

Katrina is a successful executive and actress. She previously starred in The Apprentice and regularly appears on national news networks as a guest correspondent. She is active politically and continues with successful real estate development.

Colet Abedi

Colet is an author, creator and executive producer. She was a producer for the shows Deal or No DealCelebrity Blackjack, and American Heiress. She was also the creator an executive producer of Unsealed: Alien Files and Unsealed: Conspiracy Files

Tara Strong

Tara is a very successful voice actress. Her most notable appearances have been in animated cartoons including the Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls, The Fairly OddParents, Drawn Together, Ben 10, Teen Titans, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  

Carlos Boozer

Carlos is a retired professionabasketball player. The two-time NBA All-Star played for the Cleveland CavaliersUtah JazzChicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers

Lauren Foster

Lauren is a leader in the transgender community appearing Vogue in the 1980s. She has been a successful model and actress staring in the real housewives of Miami. She remains very active in supporting the LGBTQ community.

Aneshka Boozer

Married to Carlos Boozer, Aneshka is very active in community improvement and supporting mental health awareness. 

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