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We believe in more individual therapy, for more rapid resolution.


Individual Therapy – The JADE Difference 

More Individual Therapy

We take pride in providing individual therapy at least twice a week for higher levels of care as part of our all of our treatment programs. We believe individual therapy is an important component to processing grief, loss, depression, and substance use – find more than the minimum at JADE. 

Rapid Resolution

With more individual therapy focused at the beginning of treatment, our program aims to rapidly stabilize our clients to help them transition into intensive outpatient and outpatient care. We combine a dual approach: rapid resolution of acute symptoms with continued and long-term outpatient care, i.e. the best of both worlds. 

Maintain Your Therapist

We don’t run separate programs between PHP and IOP. At Jade, you’ll maintain the same therapist from your admission up until your discharge. As one of the few treatment facilities licensed for both Substance Abuse and Mental Health, our higher standards for clinicians are state-mandated. Call us today to learn more. 




Why More Individual Therapy May Be Right For You

Group therapy is a core component of our treatment program, but we also put an emphasis on individual therapy. We believe more individual therapy can help with processing, identifying triggers, and more individualized care. Also, by spending more time with our patients, we believe we are better equipped to recommend the right groups that will be most effective. 

Doesn’t Every Treatment Program Offer Individual Therapy?

Generally yes, treatment facilities adhere to at least the minimum insurance requirements for reimbursement – including one hour of individual therapy per week. That doesn’t mean every treatment facility exceeds the requirement. At JADE, our clinical requirements are based on what we believe will be the most effective for you. 

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