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Make strides forward

Our vocational program helps you realize your goals


Employment and Life Skills

The Jade Recovery Team team is here to help you fulfill your passions.

Whether it’s education, certification or employment, our vocational therapists are here to help as you transition through our program, you’ll start to meet weekly with our team to discuss your aspirations for life after-treatment.

We also focus on how to effectively handle the stress and triggers of co-workers, management, work load and help you develop the strategies and habits you need for success.

Vocational Training and Job Placement Assistance

Whether it’s identifying triggers in the workplace, or assistance with securing employment in the community, our experienced team helps patients successfully transition into a life in recovery.

Handling Work or Education Stress and Triggers

Whether it’s identifying triggers in the workplace or assistance with securing employment in the community, our experienced team helps patients successfully transition into a life in recovery.

Preparing for Interviews

Our vocational therapist works with clients to assist them in identifying potential job leads, prioritizing employee relationships and preparing for the interview process. We will make sure you have the skills, preparation and attire to be successful.


Our Programming 

A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach based on evidence-based treatment modalities.




Our program aims to help clients define their sense of identity and purpose, instilling the motivation for long term growth and self-improvement.


At JADE, our team helps you reach your aspirations. Our team will assist with employment, additional education, or help you define and reach your goals.

Summary of Our Vocational Programming


Case Management

As part of our program, all of clients participate in our vocational program beginning in the second phase of treatment. The exact curriculum is tailored to the individual client, but our program focuses on employment, identifying triggers in the workplace, advancing education, or assisting our clients with their individual goals and aspirations. 

Job Placement

At JADE, we work to develop partnerships in the community with companies for successful job placement. In addition to tracking patient outcomes, we also take great pride in tracking our job placement outcomes for all of our clients. Defining a sense of purpose and identity is an important part of recovery, and successful transition toward self-advancement is an important part of our program. 


Advancing Your Education

At JADE, we have a team to support you with educational advancement. Whether it’s navigating applications, securing your previous records, and providing the support you need to take the next steps forward. You define your passion, we are here to help.  

Continuing Alumni Support

We welcome all of our alumni to contact us or return at any point if they need additional support or assistance. Life isn’t always smooth. If you lose your job or lose your direction, come back at any point and our team will help you identifying opportunities and continue to move forward. We’re invested in your continued recovery.