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Alumni Support

Recovery Doesn't End in 90 Days


After-Care Support

Recovery is a life-long effort

At Jade Recovery we do not believe in a 90-day program as a cure. Our after-care program extends our program over six months to a year as meetings step down from once a week to once a month.

We encourage all of our graduating clients to participate in our alumni program to develop lasting relationships with other sober individuals who are committed to change.

You Can Do This, We Can Help.

Our Evening Program Offers Alumni Focused Groups

We hold meetings every month focused on alumni and after-care sobriety and stress. These groups are for alumni only and allow you to expand your community and address the different stress of adjusting to life in recovery.

Maintain Your Relationship With Your Therapist from Treatment, Wherever You Are

We believe that it’s important to have continuity with the therapist you had in treatment. That relationship can build and evolve over time, but you’ll have someone who has been with you the entire way.

It’s our mission to not give up on any patient. Continuing monthly therapy is a key component in our care continuity to help our clients maintain sobriety.

Telehealth Platform

In partnership with NextStep Solutions, we are pleased to offer an excellent option to clients in our after-care program who move away or prefer home-based therapy. They can now utilize a secure and effective telehealth platform to continue individual therapy with their therapist. We also do our best to provide resources and contact in times of crisis. If you’re in a dangerous environment or your sponsor isn’t picking up, you can call us.


Our Programming 

A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach based on evidence-based treatment modalities.





Social networks that foster feelings of friendship and love should surround the person. We educate and help youth develop a healthy network of supports that are conducive to positive change.

Our program works to improve these four components for adolescents and their parents. 

Summary of Our Alumni Program


Extended Individual Therapy

Teens attend at least one individual therapy session with their assigned therapist per week during phase 1 of treatment. The frequency of weekly individual therapy is based on the initial assessment and phase of treatment, then steps down to an as-needed basis. 


Local Alumni Events

Teens and their family will have weekly or bi-monthly therapy sessions with the teens assigned therapist based on the current treatment phase. 


Local Support Group

We utilize a variety of group therapies including music therapy, art therapy, yoga, and meditation on a weekly basis.