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Addiction treatment

Finding Help In Lafayette

Lafayette is not immune to the addiction and mental health challenges affecting all of Colorado. Since 2009, Colorado has experienced almost yearly increases in suicide rates and an increasing rate of opioid & meth use. 

It’s challenging to transition into a life of sobriety, but we’re here to help. We work with you to define your goals and ambitions. Our team will work with you to help you achieve your ambitions. Whether its helping to reconnect to family and friends, finding purpose, or re-identifying your passions, our experienced team is invested in your long-term success. 

Finding the right treatment facility is challenging. Our approach to treatment is different in that we utilize the latest cutting-edge technology supported by scientific evidence. We take pride in the fact that we offer individual therapy multiple times per week for higher levels of care, biofeedback, as well as neurofeedback. We also utilize The Bridge device for patients suffering from active withdrawal from opiates, which has been shown to reduce withdrawal symptoms to almost nothing in thirty minutes or less. 

What’s most important to us is finding you the help you need. If we don’t specialize in your condition, we may be able to refer you to a facility that is better equipped to helping you get the care you need. Contact us today if you questions or would like more information. 

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See the JADE difference. Located in the heart of growing cities with modernized facilities, our JADE locations provide the amenities and environment conducive to focus on recovery.  

Addiction Treatment

Co-occurring disorders refer to individuals suffering from both addiction and mental illness at the same time. It can start with either addiction, or a mental health condition that can exacerbate the other. Dual diagnosis treatment is focused on treating both sides of these complex conditions. Traditional addiction treatment facilities may not have the technology, expertise, or resources to provide effective mental health treatment. At Jade, we understand how to provide comprehensive effective treatment. LEARN MORE

Mental Health Treatment

Our experienced clinical team can provide you or your loved one the help they need to get better. We offer the support staff and safe environment required to develop an individualized treatment plan exclusively for you .We have both psychiatrists and psychologists available to treat a wide range of mental health conditions. All have decades of experience in mental health disorders, and providing specialized treatment. LEARN MORE

Adolescent Treatment

Our process starts by working with the parents to understand the teen’s problems and having one of our experts meet and assess the teen individually. Our outpatient program is a phased approach ranging from a daily after-school program, stepping down to three days a week, then down to once a week sessions. The phase system allows teens to foster confidence and reflect on their own improvement and advancement. Through individual, family, and group therapy our program facilitates healthier relationships, positive emotional improvement, and improved lifeskills. LEARN MORE

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If you’d like more information or have any questions, please call or text 1-833-JADENOW

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Insurance Accepted

We accept private insurance. Call us today to learn more about your insurance benefits and often insurance can cover almost all of the costs of treatment.

Treatment in Lafayette

Substance abuse is unfortunately very prevalent across the state of Colorado, but JADE Recovery can help.

If you, your teen, or someone you love is struggling with addiction, contact us today to learn more about available treatment options. We utilize the latest in biofeedback, neurofeedback, and individualized treatment interventions. Our team of professionals are here to help with cutting edge, evidence-based treatment. Learn more about all of our clinical interventions here

Lafayette Addiction Treatment, Rehab & Recovery Resources

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Quick Facts on Colorado

Since 2009, Colorado has seen an almost yearly increase in the number of suicide deaths. (State of Colorado)

Colorado opioid deaths hit an all-time high in 2017 with nearly 1,000 deaths. (Colorado Dept. of Health)

Treatment admissions for Meth have almost doubled between 2013 to 2017 in Colorado (NPR)

Colorado was ranked twelfth in a survey of the highest drug use states in 2018. (Wallethub)

Jade Treatment & Rehab

A Life in Recovery

Our treatment approach consists of effectively treating and improving the following core components to successful recovery:


Physical and mental health concerns that cause discomfort, distress or both should be eliminated or managed.


The person should have access to a safe and comfortable place to live.


Meaningful activities, such as work, volunteerism, or creative endeavors, should be part of daily life.


Social networks that foster feelings of friendship and love should surround the person.

We’ve created our program to target these four longer term goals for our patients through our provided services.

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If you or someone you love is interested in treatment and would like information about how insurance may help offset the cost of treatment, please complete the following form and our team will be in touch with you shortly. While it may take up to 18 hours to fully complete a verification during the week, depending on the time of submission, we can usually have a benefits summary complete within a few hours.