The Jade Foundation

Through our national health campaign, the Jade Recovery Foundation seeks to redefine the way our society views and treats those impacted by mental illness and addiction. As an agent of change, our mission will help shed light on the social issues that perpetuate stigma, prevent accessibility to quality care for all, and deter you or your loved ones from asking for help. With our advocacy efforts, we will provide a voice for our communities so no one will ever struggle in silence again.

Creating the Change We want To See

Donating 20% of Profits from Jade Recovery to the Foundation

We believe we can create a better system for treating individuals and improving the local communities in which we operate. Our view is that the current prevention, education, and assistance programs can be enhanced with additional funding. As part of our mission, we’re donating 20% of net profits from Jade Recovery to the Foundation.

Donations Exclusively for Local Community Improvement

While the Foundation will have both local and national initiatives, our locations are in communities that need help. We want to give back locally and improve the communities that trust us with treatment. The Jade Recovery donations to the Foundation are earmarked for use exclusively in that location’s area. 

Local & National Focus on Legislative/Budget Change

In addition to creating or funding education, prevention, or non-profit resource centers, proceeds from Jade Recovery will be used to lobby for local community funding and legislative improvements. There are under-funded, under-served populations who need help including: Veterans, First Responders, LGBTQ, & Adolescents. 

The Jade Foundation

Helping Local Communities

At Jade, we believe in the importance of giving back plus local community improvement. It is our hope that together we can make a real difference in effectively helping people get better while improving treatment nationally. To learn more and to find out how you can get involved, please visit the Jade Foundation.

The Jade Foundation

Let us Know if You Have a Cause

At Jade, we are always looking for new ways of promoting community awareness and prevention. If you, or someone you know, is working to help improve the community, please let us know.

We are specifically looking for innovative new ideas to improve education among youth and at-risk populations. We will soon be sharing our initiatives with you.

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Media & Film Initiatives

Our strategy for reducing stigma and improving access to quality treatment crosses multiple mediums. We think it’s important for people to be able to relate to what we see as a fundamental component of the human condition. We all struggle, to varying degrees, in our life with mental health. It’s part of what makes us human. We plan on engaging film, television, podcasts, and print to improve awareness and understanding nationally. Be on the look out, there’s a lot of exciting project in the works!

The Jade Foundation

Documentary Series

Hand in hand with the Jade Recovery Foundation, we are working to develop a documentary series that helps to de-stigmatize recovery and de-idealize drug abuse.

Soon, we will share stories of a few consenting patients, so the world can see their strengths and their struggles. We will keep you updated about the release of these testimonials.

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