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Working to Reduce Stigma & Improve Care

Jade Recovery has partnered with NextStep Solutions, an industry leading behavioral health technology company. Together, we will work to advance and test innovative outcome tracking measurements, tele-health technology and after-care support technology to improve substance abuse treatment and patient outcomes.

NextStep provides treatment facilities, clinics, and hospitals with a cutting edge EHR integrated system with built in outcome tracking capabilities. 

NextStep Solutions Software:

Automate Clinical and Administrative Processes – NextStep’s integrated wizards for treatment planning, charting specifically to goals with direct billing, which remind clinical staff of upcoming assessments; plan reviews; medication reviews; and other important milestones, make day-to-day processes quick and easy.

Extreme Flexibility – Using NextStep’s form builder and program templates, changes to the program, forms, and other important tasks and documents, can be made within the clinic.

Cost-Effective – With NextStep, a clinic can solve many of the problems addressed by cumbersome “form-based” systems that only offer electronic forms to keep records without any process automation or evidence-based dashboard.  All this and without the high costs associated with other systems entailing constant upgrades in hardware and software since NextStep is web-based!

No Additional Computers Required – NextStep is a web-based automation software for care facilities by a development team with years of experience in streamlining human services.  Highlights include custom assessments, case management, billing, a treatment planning wizard, charting, medication management, prescriptions, and scheduling.

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