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A Proven Program to Reduce Relapse Rates

WEconnect’s proprietary risk score algorithm identifies relapse before it happens, so support networks can step in. Their approach is positive reinforcement with no shaming. WEconnect leverages only positive rewards and reinforcement to ensure the best outcomes for patients. They are backed by proven scientific methods by leading scientists, PhD researchers, clinicians and treatment experts based on the latest evidence-based methods.

GPS Accountability

The WEconnect app helps you schedule routines to stay on track for recovery. The app provides gentle reminders, rewards for completion of recovery activities, and GPS verification for routine locations, all to make recovery fun and accountable.

Recovery Support

Developed by a team of data scientists and treatment experts and based on techniques showing a 50% improvement in abstinence vs. traditional treatment methods, WEconnect helps you stay connected and accountable on your recovery journey.

Positive Feedback

By staying on track with your recovery plan, patients can earn gift cards in the app that they can use immediately! Why? Studies show that by sticking to a routine, patients have a much greater chance of staying in recovery.

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