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Evidence-Based Neurofeedback Treatment

Neurofeedback is a scientifically proven way to improve the way you feel and function in the world by improving how your brain operates. It is a noninvasive, organic process that does not change who you are.  It’s still you.  It is you just in a better mood or with an increase in confidence, focus and performance.  Neurofeedback is an alternative to medication for most issues that stem from the brain.  It is a journey into the possible. 

What is your potential?

Personalized Medicine

BrainPaint® is the ONLY neurofeedback system that automates the exact implementation of alpha-theta protocol demonstrated in studies to address trauma (PTSD) and addictions.  Alpha-theta is also the best protocol for peak performance, fears, phobias, fibromyalgia and some forms of anxiety, depression and chronic pain.  The BrainPaint® software is a computerized version of the same manual that was endorsed by the Human Subjects Review Committee at UCLA for one of the largest randomized control studies in the field.

Bill Scott, co-founder & CEO of BrainPaint®, who has been in the field of neurofeedback therapy for 19 years has observed that people with major depressive episodes so severe that they were hospitalized multiple times may develop PTSD from the depression. When these individuals experience a reminder related to the previous depressive events, their brain goes back into those old states and patterns. These are just flashbacks. This is why when they start feeling that darkness coming on, it quickly intensifies. For this population, after training their brain to increase its activation with beta for mood elevation, we follow up with alpha theta, a specific type of neurotherapy training, to address the trauma and to prevent these flashbacks.

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