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Our Partnerships

Working with Industry Leading Companies on Improving Patient Care


WEconnect Recovery

Developed by a team of data scientists and treatment experts based on techniques showing a 50% improvement in abstinence vs. traditional treatment methods, WEconnect helps patients stay connected and accountable on your recovery journey.

The WEconnect app helps you schedule routines to stay on track for recovery. The app provides gentle reminders, rewards for completion of recovery activities, and GPS verification for routine locations, all to make recovery fun and accountable.


NextStep Solutions

Jade Recovery has partnered with NextStep Solutions, an industry leading behavioral health technology company. Together, we will work to advance and test innovative outcome tracking measurements, tele-health technology and after-care support technology to improve substance abuse treatment and patient outcomes.


Cushman & Wakefield

Jade Recovery has partnered with Cushman & Wakefield, a leading global real estate services firm. Mental health stigma remains prevalent not only in our culture, but in the minds of property owners. This can make it challenging for behavioral health companies to provide services to populations in need. 

Together, Cushman & Wakefield will assist Jade Recovery in identifying cities across the United States with an evidenced need for behavioral health services and further work to advance behavioral health awareness and services in those markets.  



Jade Recovery has partnered with BrainPaint, a leading provider of non-invasive Neurofeedback equipmentTogether, Jade Recovery will offer innovative and  industry leading neurofeedback treatment to individuals with mental health and substance abuse conditions that would benefit from its use.

Neurofeedback is a science.  BrainPaint® was able to automate evidenced-based protocols, which yield consistent results. The device has been featured on CBS, the Chicago Tribune, and has published in a UCLA study. 

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