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Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic psychiatry is commonly defined as the branch of psychiatry that deals with issues arising in the interface between psychiatry and the law. Jade offers psychiatry forensic services, which provides consultation to attorneys, courts, employers, insurers and agencies in relation to civil, criminal, correctional and regulatory issues involving medical psychiatry and neuropsychiatry.

Civil Law

Psychiatrists are often asked or retained to conduct independent assessments of individuals in relations to ongoing litigation. The objective of the assessment is often to determine the presence of mental or emotional problems in one of the parties. These types of assessments are needed in a wide range of various situations including: neurological and emotional impacts of injuries, evaluating the mental capacity of individuals entering contracts and agreements, evaluations for fitness to work or return to work, and in some instances in the determination of benefits provided by disability insurance. 

Adolescence Assistance

Forensic psychiatrists can assist with adolescence and parents with a full range of topics including: interviewing adolescents, assessing mental disorders, false allegations by children, child custody and foster care, juvenile conduct disorders, bullying and threats of violence, assisting children as witnesses in court cases, among many others. 

Need Assistance? 

At JADE, our primary focus is always the patient. Our goal is to work with the patient and the involved parties to effectively navigate the judicial system, provide independent evidence-based assessments, and at all times uphold ethical treatment standards. If you feel like you could benefit from our forensic psychiatry services, please contact us today to learn more. 

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