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Facts About Denver Colorado
11 Little Known Facts About Denver, Colorado

Every state in the US is unique in the sense that they have their own history. With that said, there are many interesting facts about each city that makes it different from any other place. Here are 11 things you probably didn’t know about Denver, Colorado.


1. How Denver Got Its Name

Denver, Colorado is named after a man named James W. Denver, who was the governor of what was known at the time as the Kansas Territory. Before the change it was known as Montana City, then Denver City. The name was shortened in 1881.


2. Denver Wasn’t Always The Capital

This city was the county seat of Arapahoe and became the acting capital in 1867. In 1881, it was decided that it would become the permanent capital. It was voted on during an election and the majority agreed to the change.


3. What Denver Is Famous For?

Every city has certain things they are known for and Denver is no exception. A man named Louis Ballast invented the cheeseburger in 1935 and added it to the menu at his restaurant. The Chipotle fast-food chain originated in the area as well. The world may not have either of these delicious things if not for this city.

Besides food, Denver is also famous for its high altitude, which produces thinner air, the fact that they hosted the Olympic Games before and the fact that you can go into the state capital and find Colorado Rose Onyx (this is not available anyplace else on Earth). Construction of this part of the building took six years.


4. The Safety Rating

The safety rating in Denver is a 7.2 out of 10, which is fairly high for a city of this size. This means that one can live there and possibly raise a family without worrying about becoming the victim of a crime as much as they would if they lived in many other areas.


5. Plenty Of Sunshine

The city has sunshine for around 300 days annually. This is less than cities like San Diego and Miami Beach, which are typically thought of as sunny places to visit.


6. Fishing Galore

There are approximately 9,600 miles of streams located in Denver that are used for fishing. If you are a person who is into grabbing a rod and reel, there is no shortage of places to go. Fish species that you can expect to come across there include pike, trout, bass and salmon.


7. The First Permanent Structure

In many cities across the nation, the first permanent structure was a school, hospital or place of worship. This is not the case in Denver. The first building there was a saloon. This is probably why the city is well known for its breweries. In fact, more than 200 different types are made each and every day.


8. The Golden Dome

There are a number of states whose capital has a golden dome, but the one in Denver is actually plated with real gold. Many of the others are made with another metal and gilded with an extremely thin layer of gold. In short, the one in Denver has more of the metal, which means it has a much higher value.


9. The Airport

Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the US as far as area is concerned. It covers 53 square miles of land. While LAX, DFW International, O’Hare and Hartsfield-Jackson have more foot traffic, the airport in Denver is the size of all four of these combined.


10. The Longest Street

Colfax Avenue is a street that is located in Denver. It is the longest continuous street in the entire country. In case you are curious, it is a little more than 26 miles long.


11. Good Old Elvis

Elvis Presley was known for some of his strange eating habits and Denver was more than happy to accommodate. Presley actually had his private jet fly him to the city from Memphis because he wanted a sandwich. He dined at the Colorado Gold Mine Company and ordered 22 Fool’s Gold Loafs. The sandwiches were composed of an entire jar of peanut butter, a jar of grape jelly and a pound of bacon.

He did not eat all of them himself; he actually brought a number of friends with him. While they did not order any other food, Presley did make it a point to order some champagne so they could wash it down.



Now that you know more about this city, you can marvel your friends with all of this newfound information. Perhaps you have learned so much that you are curious about visiting or even living there. Either way, you can impress everyone with all of these facts. If you were not the life of the party before, you certainly will be from now on.